Insomnia or Interrupted Sleep …

I was only pregnant 12 days ago, and if you recall, I moaned about insomnia being the worst of my end-of-pregnancy side effects.

At the time, having been to this party before, I knew it would pale in comparison to the sleep deprivation ahead … but I think I had on rose-colored glasses and forgot just how truly awful those first couple weeks at home with a newborn can be (not for everyone, but for a lot of us!) Continue reading “Insomnia or Interrupted Sleep …”

Insomnia at 38 Weeks

Insomnia has been the biggest discomfort as of late  as I head into this last week of pregnancy. I fall asleep just fine but then wake tossing and turning, unable to go back to bed, for several hours at a time. I read blogs, I shop online (oops!), I think … mostly, I think about what’s to come, how Maya will be, how our family dynamic will change. Continue reading “Insomnia at 38 Weeks”