“Maya DO It”

Between Luis and I, there isn’t a shot in hell our daughter wouldn’t be stubborn and determined. It didn’t take us long to realize that she was, indeed, cut from our cloth.

From an early age — i.e., three months, she wanted to hold her own bottle. By the time we introduced solids at five or six months, she began grabbing the spoon out of our hands to feed herself, and within weeks she was completely feeding herself … using spoons and forks and not even making much of a mess. Even before she could talk, she loved to pick out specific toys and books for us to play/read. She loved to feed Rocco (cautiously balancing his food cup before putting it in his dish) and put her laundry in the hamper, careful to make sure no socks fell out.

Then it became she had to brush her OWN teeth. Take off her OWN shoes/coat/socks. Put ON said shoes/coat/socks. Continue reading ““Maya DO It””