20090502This is not an original image, but I saw it over at Roni’s Weigh and just had to share it here, since it is so on-message, I think, with my blog, too.

Talk about a powerful message.

I read it several times and let it sink in. So often (ok every day), we’re bombarded with images that make us feel like we’re not good enough, not thin enough, not pretty enough. That we aren’t ok how we are. Ads tell us our skin is too splotchy, it’s not dark enough, we have “thunder-thighs” and we’re covered in “unsightly” cellulite … (ok, what woman DOESN’T have it?!)

We can choose to be bold and ignore these images and say, “I’m ok with not being a size X” and “I love my thick, muscled calves.”

Or we can look at magazines, movies, images and hate on ourselves, wasting hours of our day in a narcissistic bubble. Continue reading “Quoteworthy”