A Meaningful Moment Worth Mentioning

For years, when my husband and I have gone for ice cream, I’ve gotten FF frozen yogurt and drooled over his strawberry ice cream in a waffle cone.

I’d always have a taste of his– but never dared order a waffle cone myself. Call me ridiculous, but I had this stigma about it being “fattening,” “bad,” etc. Remember, it wasn’t too long ago when I used to label food and judge it.

Over the past year, and now into my pregnancy, I’ve definitely strayed from those black-or-white thoughts, replaced by a blurrier — but happier — world of gray.

And so after we took Rocco for a drive around town Friday night (he LOVES to go bye-bye in the car!), I decided to spring for my much-coveted waffle cone at our favorite local ice cream place (think a local version of Cold Stone Creamery, only better — and cheaper :)). Continue reading “A Meaningful Moment Worth Mentioning”

Getting Physical

cyc_mountain_bikingEvery now and then, my own physical strength surprises me.

On Sunday, my hubby and I decided to go for a mountain biking trek in a state park called Fort Custer.

An avid mountain biker, he had come to this park a few weeks earlier with some guys from work, and, as a result, knew which crazy trail we would not be taking!

I had just gotten my monthly visitor that day (its arrival always an unknown date, now that I’m off the regulated cycle I had on the Pill, gr!) and was feeling like pure crap.

But I can’t just sit on the couch for those couple of days —  exercise always helps ease my cramps and discomfort– and we both love to bike, so I figured, what the heck.

We plotted out what looked — according to the state park map — like the easiest of the trails, with mostly flat terrain that wrapped around Eagle Lake.This sounded pleasant enough, so off we went.

Let’s just say, we found out the hard way that the map’s visual was not an accurate depiction of the actual relief.

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