Tune in to yourself … like a baby

We can learn a lot from watching babies.

Babies, who can’t express themselves in any ways except crying and smiling (at least in the beginning, before they can communicate via expressions and words) are incredibly attuned to their needs … and once those needs are met, they move on. They eat til they’re full, sleep til they’re not tired, stop playing when they’re bored … They don’t dwell, there’s no guilt, there’s no nothing except the here and now.

[Until three hours later when another need arises, that is!]

They are so absolutely in tune with their own bodies that it’s almost mind-blowing that we adults (who live in a world of excess food and minimal sleep, who play Words with Friends instead of hitting the hay even though we are bone-tired … ) need to retrain ourselves to get back to that place of primitiveness and simplicity. Continue reading “Tune in to yourself … like a baby”


Holy HUNGER, Batman!!

So a little story to share with you.

Yesterday I snacked a LOT during the day. It was one of those bottomless pit days where it wasn’t mindless eating but rather can’t-get-satisfied-eating. Since I’m journaling from a nutrient standpoint, I also know were I was at calorically and trust me when I say, this mamacita-to-be had eaten plenty … PLENTY ;).

And so it wasn’t surprising when I got home from work and wasn’t hungry. Still, I had some watermelon and a handful of Tostitos simply because my husband was snacking on them and, well, they were there ;). Plus watermelon is my most favorite food in all the world and I can never say no to it. I LIVED off that stuff in El Salvador… memories! Continue reading “Holy HUNGER, Batman!!”

Feeling Hunger

highres_2601663Yesterday I fasted for Yom Kippur, and it never ceases to amaze me – if I actually allow myself to feel hungry (vs fearing it) – how good it feels.

Now please know,  I am not endorsing deliberate starvation by any stretch of the imagination; this is a once-a-year fast that I do in observance of my religion on the holiest day of the year.

A day (24 hrs, sundown to sundown) of fasting showed me that the human body is a complicated thing, and I think in a way, it helped reset my hunger queues; helped teach me what true hunger is. Continue reading Feeling Hunger”

Check This Out!

Great post on hunger worth sharing that Kath of Kath Eats Real Food wrote for Breathe magazine.

Check out “Are You Hungry?” here.

Speaking of “are you hungry?” … the past two days, my hunger levels have been super-high around 4. The uncomfortable gnawing, pit-in-my-tummy sensation, which means lunch — though it felt perfect — clearly hasn’t been substantial enough.

Knowing I will be exercising after work and could surely benefit from the fuel — and not having any almonds or fruit on hand — I’ve taken to making a packet of instant oatmeal, still in my desk from the winter. Continue reading “Check This Out!”

Hunger + Exhaustion + Anxiety = Chew-and-Spit

iciclesLast night after work, I drove to the gym to get in a last workout for the week … and turned around.

I was seriously so proud of myself. It’s so very rare I do that (I can count twice in the past 6 months — both of which have been documented here)

But this week alone (my “week” goes Friday to Friday) I had burned an awesome 3300 calories in exercise (per my heart rate monitor — I usually aim for 2800-3000) and have been sticking to my SP range, never going above the max limit.

So I didn’t need the exercise, and knew a night off would probably be beneficial for my muscles. In addition to that, I was wiped out after a restless night’s sleep the previous night … and the biggest factor of all: I was genuinely hungry and knew a workout would only make me want to eat more later.

All of these factore led to the rational, calm, sane decision to take a night off.

I went home intending to just unwind with my husband, since this has been a stressful week for both of us and we hadn’t spent much time together.

But that was not to be, thanks to Mother Nature. Continue reading “Hunger + Exhaustion + Anxiety = Chew-and-Spit”

Conclusion: Why Pre-Emptive Strikes Don’t Work Anymore

Image credit: medicineworld.org
First of all, thank you to everyone for your encouragement today and every day … it means a ton.

When I started Weight Watchers, I learned the value of planning and preparation for the day– deciding ahead of time what I’d have and how many points it would “cost” — like money.

If there was a party, I’d plan accordingly. If I had a dinner date, I’d plan accordingly. And if I had no plans, I’d plan accordingly.

Over time, I taught myself to use “pre-emptive strikes,” or what I referred to as “defensive eating,” to avoid the potential of overeating at parties and social events, trips, etc.

Read as … I didn’t trust myself. Continue reading “Conclusion: Why Pre-Emptive Strikes Don’t Work Anymore”