No Eye for Design

Most of my friends are obsessed with Pinterest.

This makes sense; I work at an advertising agency with some of the most creative (and smartest) people on the planet. And though some of them don’t use their mad crazy skillz 24/7 at the office, in their free time, they dabble (or swim!) in photography, baking/cooking, art, music, jewelry, fashion, interior design, etc. They’re a crafty bunch, my girls. Continue reading “No Eye for Design”

FOOD on the Brain!

Thursday I am heading home to N.J. for a family reunion that has been in the works for months.

My brother just returned to California after his year in Korea, and we’re all meeting up at home in N.J.

To say I seriously cannot wait is a huge understatement; we’ve not all been together since last April! I’m ridiculously close to my family and hate that we all live so far apart. I seriously don’t know where I’d be without them … Continue reading “FOOD on the Brain!”

Taking Bits of “Home,” Home

Me (and my sis's hand) w/ the goodies at Crumbs.
Me (and my sis's hand) w/the goodies at Crumbs.
“Home” to me is many places.

I grew up in rural northern N.J. I went to college and grad school in DC and spent several years there after school. I have lived in El Salvador and Argentina. And now for the past two and a half years, I’ve lived in Michigan.

This past weekend I went home to N.J. I was really bummed on the plane because the flight pattern we were on was putting the Manhattan skyline on the opposite side of the plane from where I could see, and that’s my favorite part about landing–seeing the skyline.

But it was as though someone was listening, because suddenly we looped around (over the water actually) and came in on an angle that gave me a breath-taking view of Manhattan on a clear, blue day. I could see the Statue of Liberty and the whole skyline to my right, and felt chills coarse through me as we gently bumped to our landing. Continue reading “Taking Bits of “Home,” Home”