If It Feels So Good … It Can’t Be Bad, Right? WRONG.

Two of my favorite bloggers, Clare and Holly, have both recently addressed exercise addiction on their blogs recently, which got my wheels spinning about my own past obsession with exercise.

Remember that taunt on the playground, “I know you are, but what am I?” or the retort, “Yea, it takes one to know one!”??

Well, I’m a former exercise addict, and I know them when I see them. And I’m not sure which is more disturbing: the fact that I was one, or the fact that I so easily can spot them. Either way, I’m glad that destructive relationship is over.

I’m the first to admit, it was not an easy break-up to make … perhaps the hardest in my life! I mean, chewing and spitting I knew was inherently bad, wrong, disgusting, gross, you name it. Quitting it was a no-brainer. But an addiction to exercise—something so good for you … just was not an easy concept to grasp. Ultimately, it comes down to the fact that even things that are good for you can be abused.

And this was a very hard lesson to learn. Continue reading “If It Feels So Good … It Can’t Be Bad, Right? WRONG.”


How You *Know* You’re Recovered

Holly @ The Balanced Broad posted recently about “fight or flight mechanisms with respect to disordered eating recovery.

As she notes, “Whenever people are affected by someone or something close to them, I always think that they have two options: 1. Cut off ties with that person/thing or limit your time with them/it; or 2. learn to cope.”

This really resonated with me, because like Holly, lately, I can’t handle all the obsessive talk about food and exercise — and I’ve needed to go the “flight” route.

I have a lot of friends on Facebook and Twitter (some of whom I’m close with, some not) and I can’t tell you how many posts lately are about food or fitness (no surprise–it’s the new year!).

“I ran X miles” or  “I resisted X food” or “I’m soooo hungry!”  type posts. Continue reading “How You *Know* You’re Recovered”