Anticipating the Unexpected

Well this is an interesting scenario to be in.

Today while waltzing through my favorite retailer (Target!) on my lunch break (where I found the cutest eggplant-colored maternity sweater I can’t wait to wear with my fave maternity jeans when they’re clean!) I found myself in the baby aisle or, more specifically, the holiday baby aisle which–yes–is all stocked even though Thanksgiving is three weeks away and Halloween was just Sunday, but I digress …

Anyway, as I was perusing all the cute “Santa’s Little Helper” bibs, onesies, pajamas, etc., it hit me: Hanukkah is quite early this year, but Maya might actually be here in time for Christmas! Which means we could have a use for said cute holiday items … something I truly hadn’t even considered until now … Continue reading “Anticipating the Unexpected”

Random Musings and Merry Christmas Wishes

Me last Christmas break @ Thomas Sweets, my fave fro-yo place in D.C. Man I miss my city!

Merry Christmas, everyone — happy holidays!!

We are going to the Chicago ‘burbs to spend time with my hubby’s extended family.

Tonight I made my beloved Oreo balls (and aside from some chocolate chips, all I tasted was the corner of one — which I froze in a baggie to have later).

I hope they like them — they have two kids and I figure kids will eat anything with chocolate, right?!

I know I sound like a broken record here but instead of journaling tonight in my personal journal, I’m blogging Continue reading “Random Musings and Merry Christmas Wishes”