Let’s Talk Sleep

Of all the sleep books I have bought and read, I’ve managed to take bits and pieces of each to create the best of all worlds for our family re: sleep schedules.

I know sleep patterns and schedules can change as children grow up, but I like to credit these three books for helping us get Maya to sleep through the night (STTN) [which, for us, is roughly 8 pm-7 am] since she was 11 weeks old.

Of course there have been exceptions … there have been random off nights when she’s been sick .. and then there was that annoying two-week stretch at 4 months when she’d wake at 2 or 3 AM screeching … but it’s all been short-lived, thank goodness. Continue reading “Let’s Talk Sleep”

What I’ll Miss … and What I Won’t!

It’s bizarre to me to think that one week from today (if not sooner, hoping not sooner!), I will no longer be pregnant.

For nearly 39 weeks (Sunday marks the start of my 39th week) I’ve been incubating Maya –giving her everything she needs to grow. As the author of The Happiest Baby on the Block puts it so eloquently in a section devoted to new dads :

“Mothers are great heroes! When it comes to making babies,  we men chip in a sperm while our wives essentially pull a dog sled from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, except for your 23 chromosomes, every single molecule of your baby was individually carried through your wife’s body. It’s almost as if each cell should carry a little tag that reads INSPECTED BY MOM.”

Amen! Continue reading “What I’ll Miss … and What I Won’t!”