halfway to a year?!

Watch out, Beckham -- he's 1/2 Salvadoran and (if his daddy has his way!) destined for futbol greatness!
Watch out, Beckham — he’s 1/2 Salvadoran and (if his daddy has his way!) destined for futbol greatness!

Dear Ben,

Benny. Benny D. BenDiego. Benny Boo Boo. Boo Bear.

You, my sweets, are a whopping SIX MONTHS OLD today! How is that even possible? It seems like we just met … but time is totally flying. Your fifth month has been your biggest so far.

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What She Knows …

I’ve said it before, but we’re constantly blown away by all the things we don’t know that Maya knows.

For as much time as we spend together — teaching her, nurturing her — she still spends a good portion of her day at preschool. And though we get a little write-up each day detailing her day,  there’s no way to really grasp the full scope of what she is absorbing, short of being a fly on the wall. Continue reading “What She Knows …”

Potty Training Update

Like with everything we have encountered in these two+ years of parenting, there are a million ways to potty-train your child, and I don’t believe there is a “right way.” There’s just the way that works for your sister, and your best friend, and your neighbor’s babysitter, and your uncle’s step-daughter … but ultimately what matters is what works for YOU, the parent(s)/child team.

As I have mentioned here before, we’ve taken the long, slow progressive route to potty-training. Some people have told me this isn’t the way to go, but I whole-heartedly disagree. Maya has been sitting on the potty every night before her bath since she was 18 months old. It took her a good two months to get what she was sitting there to do (meaning, she peed) … but she had been showing plenty of “ready” signs … deep curiosity of the bathroom and the potty itself; alerting us when she was going to the bathroom; and she was able to undress herself (to some extent). Given these things, I felt confident in trying and just seeing where it went. And it worked. Continue reading “Potty Training Update”

The Littlest Observer

This is one of those posts for me and my memory, so if toddler growth and development doesn’t thrill you (ha!), feel free to skip this post — I promise I won’t be offended!

Over the past month, Maya has changed so much and it’s hard to believe that in just two weeks, she will be TWO!

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19 Months

We should all wake up so happy …

Maya turned 19 months old last week and I can’t believe I didn’t do a recap! Bad mama! Mostly in this past month it’s been an explosion in vocabulary and recognition of things in her world — by sight, if not verbally.

I don’t think she’s grown any — she is still pretty small for her age, wearing 12-18 month clothes and size 4 shoes, and she still has those delicious rolls on her arms and legs. But she must have grown at least a teensy bit height-wise because now she can’t walk under the fridge door without bumping her head anymore. Continue reading “19 Months”

Clarity By Keynote

It’s pretty common knowledge here on my blog that I often question my decision to return to work. It’s not that I don’t love my job or the company for whom I work — I completely do — just that I.Miss.Maya. Plain and simple.

This week, however, I felt a little bit more sure of myself after hearing some stats at a brainstorming session I attended to address education issues in our community — and, perhaps even more important, felt even more sure about the specific childcare facility we have chosen for Maya.

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