Grieiving in the Digital World

Grief is a very complex and personal thing. And while there is no right or wrong way to grieve, I have noticed a trend in grieving, a trend I am dubbing Facebook mourning. (If there is a real name for this, please do let me know!)

I remember being weirded out beyond belief the first time I saw Facebook mourning in action: friends posting condolences on a deceased person’s Facebook wall. I didn’t know the person, but from his public wall, I could see he had been a victim of a car accident. At the time, it seemed bizarre to me that people would write on his wall. What if someone didn’t know what happened yet?! What if his family didn’t want anyone to know yet? How horrible to have this be all over his wall, to have tagged him when he isn’t here anymore?!

Incredulity: that was my initial reaction. Continue reading “Grieiving in the Digital World”

Trusting their guts when I don’t trust my own

For as tiny and petite as Maya is (still only in 25th percentile for height and weight–as she has been all her life), she has always been a good eater: very in tune with her body, hunger levels, and even thirst.  I’ve often been impressed by how intuitively she eats — telling me she isn’t hungry “yet” for snack at snack-time  …  or asking for more at dinner because she isn’t satiated.  She constantly refills her own water glass and will often choose fruit before any other option.

She amazes me, day in and day out and I pray she’s always this good an eater.

I, on the other hand, have absolutely never, ever, ever been an intuitive eater.  Never.

Oh, sure, I’ve tried … many times. And have consistently failed. Continue reading “Trusting their guts when I don’t trust my own”