good people …

There is so much angst and ire in the world but there are also some amazing, honest souls out there.

Two weeks ago, I lost my wallet somewhere between lunch and my office … a one-block radius. I was paranoid, as I was leaving for vacation in five days. After freaking out and retracing my steps, going back to the parking lot where I’d parked my car (I wasn’t being lazy–it was supposed to rain and a friend was lending me some pool toys), calling the restaurant, scouring my office and parking lot, I hysterically canceled all my bank and credit cards and spent my Flexible Friday afternoon at the DMV getting a new license–but they only could give me a temporary one, which doesn’t have a photo ID. And I needed to board a plane in four days. Fortunately I have a passport so I had a valid photo ID for security, but still … anyone who has lost their wallet knows what a PITA it is to sort it all out. Continue reading “good people …”