HALLS Refresh Giveaway!

A few weeks ago I was approached by HALLS to sample and review their new product, HALLS Refresh lozenges, and do a giveaway on my blog.

At first glance, I thought the tie-in with my personal “brand” was a bit out of left field, given the nature of my blog and the fact that I don’t really review too many products here.

But my contact said my blog came up in a “big search for product reviewer blogs,” … so naturally, I was flattered.

Plus, as someone who has been known to buy Halls when not sick (I’ve always loved the cherry flavor!) I figured, why not give this new product a shot?

Before I do my review, here’s some background on the product, per HALLS. Continue reading “HALLS Refresh Giveaway!”


FiberOne Yogurt Giveaway!

image001We all know I’m not a food blogger — but I do love to eat healthy foods … and like to talk about food, eat food, think about food.

So it’s only natural that I was more than thrilled to be dubbed  a “healthy diet and lifestyle influencer” by Julie (on behalf of Yoplait), who has graciously offered a fabulous new promotion to share with my readers!!

Free stuff — yea! Nice way to end the week, right?

Per Julie, “Yoplait’s new Fiber One 50-calorie yogurt is the only leading national nonfat yogurt with 5 grams of fiber and only 50 calories. Available in four flavors – Strawberry, Vanilla, Peach and Key Lime Pie, Fiber One 50-calorie yogurt is a tasty treat that not only adds guilt-free flavor to snack time, but also contributes 5 grams of fiber to your daily intake (20% of the recommended daily value).” Continue reading “FiberOne Yogurt Giveaway!”

Book Giveaway!

9780738212586Via Roni’s recent Facebook post, I found this new book about body image (and what we’re teaching our children) that totally piqued my interest, You’d Be So Pretty If … by Dara Chadwick.

SHAPE magazine readers might remember her as a former weight loss columnist. I loved reading her journey, and am naturally intrigued by the topic of her book. You can check out her blog here.

Her publisher has been sweet enough to send me a copy to review, and an extra as a book giveaway for one of my readers.

And after I receive and review the book, Dara will be stopping by for a blog tour!

If you’re interested in winning a copy, please let me know in the comments below by 10 p.m. Eastern time Tuesday. I’ll choose the winner at random, and let you know by Wednesday morning who won. Only one entry per person, please. 🙂

Beating Ana: The Long-Awaited Review

mailA while ago, I was asked to review the new book, Beating Ana, by Shannon Cutts. This weekend, I finally had a chance to read her work.

Though I personally have never experienced anorexia or bulimia — both of which she successfully recovered from — I really liked the easy flow of her writing, and the positive tone she carries throughout the book.

(Disclaimer: I’ve never read a recovery book, so I honestly didn’t know what to expect).

But even as someone who never dealt with the severe mental illnesses she did, I can still relate on my own level. I’d recommend this book to anyone ready to take that step.

I liked how she makes the connection that, in recovery, relationships replace eating disorders. Continue reading “Beating Ana: The Long-Awaited Review”

Oikos Goodness

sf_oikos_page_headerThe good people over at Stoneyfield Organic made my day last week. A marketing contact, Krisitina, wrote me asking if I had tried their Oikos Greek yogurt.

She said she knew my blog wasn’t a food blog, but knew I liked to eat well and thought I might enjoy some coupons. Um, would I? Yes please!

So Kristina sent me a package that included info on Stoneyfield Farms, a reusable grocery bag, coupons to try their Oikos Greek yogurt — the only organic Greek yogurt on the market, and some coupons for their other yogurt.

I have always loved the fact that there’s no fake sugars or additives in these yogurts and I’ve often bought Stoneyfield Farms over other brands. Continue reading “Oikos Goodness”

Book Giveaway: Beating Ana by Shannon Cutts

mailIn honor of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, I was recently contacted about the upcoming release of the new book, Beating Ana: How to Outsmart Your Eating Disorder and Take Your Life Back by author Shannon Cutts.

As part of her blogosphere book tour to promote her new book. I will be receiving a copy to review shortly, and I wanted to offer one of my readers an opportunity to win a free copy of her book.

In a couple weeks, I will be interviewing Shannon here on my blog, after I have read/review the book myself.

According to materials I received, “In Beating Ana, Shannon reveals her own struggle with ED, introduces readers of six amazing women who have fought the same battle, and focuses on the need for those who suffer from eating disorders to look to mentors and sponsors to enable them to win.” Continue reading “Book Giveaway: Beating Ana by Shannon Cutts”