Rant: Content, Schmontent

stack-of-magazinesI love to read fitness magazines. I subscribe to SELF, Shape, Women’s Health, and Fitness. I used to also get Health, and sometimes I read Oxygen if someone left a copy at the gym.

But as a consumer, I have to say, I’m really getting annoyed with the predictable, formulaic content in each and every issue, regardless of the publication.

There’s seriously nothing new out there, and they’re all the same!

True, sometimes we hear about new health/fitness studies. But they’re usually bullets or side-bars, not full-on analyses. Nothing in-depth.

Each of these magazines dish the same topics about beauty, fashion, fitness, food, sex … just rehashed in different ways. Continue reading “Rant: Content, Schmontent”


Book Review: Monica Seles’s “Getting a Grip”

Eating disorders are not a taboo subject anymore in the media. We mostly hear speculation about starving celebs, celebs who seem to be in a constant battle to under-weigh one another, abuse drugs or laxatives or pills to stay skinny.

And sure, we hear about celebs like Oprah and Kirstie Alley who have fought public wars with their weight over and over again … but other than them, it’s not too common that we hear about a celebrity/professional athlete dealing with emotional eating issues or binge-eating disorder. That is, until now.

In the riveting new book Getting a Grip, tennis phenom Monica Seles reveals the secret battles she was waging off the court, following her stabbing during a match with Steffi Graf and the death of her father to cancer. As depression and anxiety plagued her, food became a drug that numbed her.

Getting a Grip is her story of how she came to know herself outside of tennis, overcame binge eating/emotional eating and took back her life.

And it’s a pure inspiration.

When US Weekly does it’s column, “Stars, they’re just like us,” I usually laugh because they’re so silly. Wow, a celeb dad walking his kid into an ice cream shoppe. How … novel?! Right. That’s certainly nothing to write home about.

But Monica Seles’ journey has “just like us” written all over it. It’s truly one that I think so many people — women in particular — will be able to relate to. I know I could.

I admit up front that prior to reading her book, my knowledge of Monica Seles and my interest in the professional tennis world was a big fat “Nothing,” but when I read an excerpt from her book in SELF recently I knew this was a book I wanted to read.

I was approached by her publisher and they sent me a copy and asked me to do a review so … here I am! Continue reading “Book Review: Monica Seles’s “Getting a Grip””

Chicken and Egg

babychickI’m almost done with Monica Seles’s book, Getting a Grip, and a review will be coming later this week. I will say this: I’ve had a very hard time putting it down; it’s that good.

One of the lines that really resonated was when, during one of the lowest moments in Monica’s struggle with her weight, her coach tells her, “It’s not your game, it’s your head that needs work.”

Oh boy, can I relate … I think many of us probably can, even if weight or recovery isn’t your challenge, all too often our mental state impedes our ability to make progress or change.

Monica writes, “I knew that once my head was screwed on straight, the pounds would fall off and I’d be back in top form. But I couldn’t get my head clear unless my size-ten clothes felt loose. It was a chicken and egg dilemma. Did my self-confidence need to return before my body got back to its ideal level or was my self-confidence a result of feeling like I looked great in my tennis skirt?”

How often do we feel this way, feel this struggle between the chicken and the egg — be it weight loss, recovery, winning a game, earning a job, opening a business, finding the man/woman of our dreams … anything really: which comes first, the confidence, or the sensation of confidence that allows us to reach for our goals or our dreams?

Or do we need to “fake it til we make it?” Continue reading “Chicken and Egg”

Upcoming Review: “Getting a Grip”

I blogged about wanting to read tennis great Monica Seles’ latest book, Getting a Grip a while back. The book explores her journey to overcome emotional/binge eating in the face of great adversity, and showcases her ability to triumph both on and off the court in her ultimate battle with weight and self-acceptance.

Well, last week her publisher sent me an e-mail asking if I’d be interested in reviewing the book … would I ever!! The book arrived today, and I hope to have a review out by this weekend. I can’t wait; I think it’ll be extremely relatable and I’m eager to begin it tonight 🙂

Has anyone read this yet?