Sugar … Aw, Honey Honey …

Today I had to do the infamous glucose tolerance test, which tests pregnant women between 26-28 weeks of pregnancy for gestational diabetes.

I knew from other friends that it would be a pretty nasty experience — and it wasn’t yummy by any means — but it also wasn’t the nastiest thing I’ve ever drank (that would probably be a 32 oz. saline solution I had to down when living in El Salvador after a nasty bout of amoebas!).

It was a non-fasting test, but I’d been given mixed responses about fasting (some friends swore by fasting to make it bearable; others yakked because they hadn’t fasted and it was gross). So knowing that, I had fasted til the morning and just had a little TJ’s all-natural peanut butter (i.e., no sugar) to tide me over since you need to wait an hour after you drink it before they can do the blood-work. Continue reading “Sugar … Aw, Honey Honey …”