Beckoners Vs. Hummers

BagelsAs you know, I’ve been chew/spit free since mid-March.

But I am still struggling with impulsive food purchases/eating.

 Granted, this isn’t nearly as terrible a habit as c/s was, but it’s still something that doesn’t exactly inspire pride, and is dangerous for my waistline.

Fortunately, at the gym this weekend, I found Geneen Roth’s latest column in Good Housekeeping which talks about why we eat what we eat. (I tried to find it online, but it’s not there yet.)

To summarize, in the article, she places the foods we eat into two categories: hummers and beckoners.

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How Disordered Do You Want to Be?

stop-the-insanity-2I ask this because I, like you, have a choice.

The answer for me is … not at all.

We have a choice. We might tell ourselves our disordered minds are in control, but they’re not. We are.

If we punish ourselves with restriction or over-exercising, or if we punish ourselves with a binge, we’re doing it to ourselves.

It’s not about the food or the exercise; it’s always about something else. Food or exercise (lack of it or over-abundance of it) is a coping mechanism.

And I don’t want to use either as my coping mechanisms any longer.

This weekend, during an Honest.Open.Willing. chat with my husband, he asked me point-blank, “When will the obsession end?”

He sees me more than any of my friends and family, and he sees glimmers of hope, some aspects of behavioral change. He knows I want to be better, to be more fun again, to be the happy girl I was when I was heavy … but he (as well as others close to me) have said, ” … but the obsession is still there.”

He’s right, it is.

I want to turn it off. I don’t want to be disordered, or have disordered thoughts, or to make progress only to fall back. Continue reading “How Disordered Do You Want to Be?”

Against the Wind & A Book Rec.

Wednesdays my husband has class and I am on my own all night. We’re very fortunate to live with a fantastic bike path literally right behind our house (ok, technically, a creek separates us from the path, but the entrance is close by!).

Anyway, since it was so nice out, I decided to go for a bike ride … and let me tell you, that clear blue sky was rather deceiving!! I swear, I nearly fell off my bike several times thanks to the crazy, wild wind.

I always wear my HRM when I work out and since I was going to the gym later to lift anyway, I had it on and I’ll tell you — the wind made a difference in terms of how hard I had to pump my legs and how hard it was to stay upright. In addition, my trek usually takes me 42 minutes … but tonight took 45 even, thanks to the gusts.

In addition, I burned an extra 40 calories compared to what I normally burn for the ride! There’s something to be said for working out outdoors … and biking (or running) against the wind. Continue reading “Against the Wind & A Book Rec.”