Note to Self: Savor This Sentiment

I know I said I wouldn’t talk numbers often, but trust me, it’s relevant here. This is how I know I’m in a good place:

1) I weighed myself this AM and am up a full pound since last week’s WI (for a total of 3.8 lbs — I’m almost 17 weeks along, for perspective) … and I was *excited* to see the numbers matching my growing (albeit small-for-now) belly! A year ago I definitely would NOT have been able to see the numbers consistently go up and accept it, especially when I’m exercising and eating the same.

2) I tried on a pair of my usual size khaki capris … and they didn’t even come close to buttoning and looked horrible … and I simply put them away and slipped on a comfortable maternity denim skirt instead (which is loose-fitting but über-cute). Those pants will be there next summer for me to wear again; I know how to lose weight and have faith I’ll be able to lose baby weight as well when the time comes. But this is NOT the time to be concerned about that. Continue reading “Note to Self: Savor This Sentiment”