“Let Go, Jump In … Well, Whatcha Waiting For?”

Since it’s almost the new year — when people start making resolutions that they will inevitably break by Jan. 15 — I thought instead, we could focus on what we can do TODAY to start living the life we deserve.

As Eleanor Roosevelt said (and we have on the homepage here): “Do one thing every day that scares you.” It’s something I’ve really been thinking about a lot lately, and embracing as much as I can.

So here’s my question to you: Are you holding back doing something you’ve always wanted to do?

My challenge to us: Let’s make a collective effort to stop being afraid to do things simply because we feel we’re not “smart” enough, “thin” enough, “pretty” enough, “funny” enough, “brave” enough, “strong” enough …

Because you ARE enough. Continue reading ““Let Go, Jump In … Well, Whatcha Waiting For?””

Feelin’ the Burn & Finding Beauty in the Breakdown

Can we say, precious?!!
Can we say, precious?!!
I like a good challenge, and prior to getting a trainer (two more sessions left with her and then I’m on my own), it had been so long since I had given myself a good physical challenge.

Last night, Cristi (my trainer) kicked the hell out of my triceps, chest, back and abs. We did super-sets and I am feeling it today. But I love it. Oooh, I love it.

When I am lifting, I feel strong, lean, in charge. I only think of what my body is capable of when I’m lifting, not what it lacks. I think of the musculature that is developing in time, of the tightening of my figure with each set, each rep. It’s therapeutic in a way. Continue reading “Feelin’ the Burn & Finding Beauty in the Breakdown”