Happy 4th of July!

Anyone who knows me knows I’m more or less obsessed with cupcakes (a treat I wouldn’t TOUCH 3 years ago, mind you!)

And while I don’t particularly care for the cake aspect of said delights, I’m ridiculously in love with frosting. Of all kinds. Any kind. And the more decorations/chunks/stuff on top, the better.

Hubby and I can easily share a piece of cake: I take all the frosting, he takes all the cake. SCORE!

Anyway, Crumbs cupcakes  are my absolute favorite. Whenever I go home to N.J. (or visit NYC) I HAVE to have a Crumbs cupcake (or two or three … all shared of course since they are GINORMOUS! ;)) It’s all about the moderation factor, right? Continue reading “Happy 4th of July!”