Halo Effect?

Did you see this NPR article today, “Gain Together, Lose Together: The Weight-Loss ‘Halo’ Effect?”

Per the article:

The so-called “halo effect” has been shown among people who drink alcohol and people who smoke, as well as those who gain weight. But now, Morton showed a positive halo effect — losing weight. Continue reading “Halo Effect?”


Good Times Are Comin’

My best friend is visiting this weekend, and I cannot WAIT to see her!!

We met freshman year of college in the dorms and have been inseparable ever since — even with going abroad to different countries, even after living in different  states for the past eight years since we graduated; we’re still just as close. It’s kind of amazing to me that we met at 18, and now we’re both turning 30 this fall…time flies!

Naturally, I can’t wait to spend quality time together and show her all around where we live. I love having guests, and having moved so far away from both of my “homes” (N.J., where I grew up, and D.C., where I went to school and lived post-grad), it’s not every day we have guests!! Continue reading “Good Times Are Comin’”