Little Pleasures: Taking Time Off

bigstockphoto_Three_Girl_Friends_Celebrating_212140Summer is “supposed” to be this iconic, easy/breezy time of year.

But it seems a lot of people I know (in real life or the blogosphere) have had a rough couple of months.

It could be the ugly economy, unemployment or job insecurity/instability, money woes, relationship stress, family stress, an unseasonably cold summer …

Whatever it is behind this recent bout of S.A.D. people are experiencing, it’s not been the best of summers for many.

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite ways to recharge (if I can’t take an actual vacation) is to take a personal day.

A day to do whatever the heck I want, with no plans. Yup, you heard me right: the Queen of Plans loves a day with no plans. (Ok, ok, once in a blue moon).

Sometimes I like to take time off to just spend with my hubby, but sometimes I just need a “me” day.  Continue reading “Little Pleasures: Taking Time Off”

Open Book

open_bookI’ve been doing a lot of introspection the past couple weeks. One of the drawbacks about putting your thoughts and feelings out there in the blogosphere is that not everyone will love what you have to say, all day, every day.

Shocker, right?!

Naturally, I know it comes with the territory; it’s a risk I have to take, both as a writer, and also as someone who is trying to overcome a challenge. I have to realize that when I broach touchy subjects (or any subject, really), some people will possibly be turned off by my words, and some people might feel annoyed, frustrated, or upset reading my words …

Likewise, I never know what will be a “good post” or an “eh post.” Some days I see zero comments (but 700 hits) and other days I get a ton of comments on a particular post, or follow-up e-mails.

Comments are good; they create a dialogue, which is one of my blog’s missions. Often your comments (positive or not) lead to another post, and I do that because I’m listening … observing … absorbing.

Deep down, I know change doesn’t emerge from stagnancy … and so I know in my heart that writing/blogging about the good, the bad, and the ugly has helped myself and others. And I do believe that without it, I might not be where I am today on this journey.

That said, whereas before I wrote my thoughts and feelings in a journal and no one but me could read them … now my thoughts are out there for the world to read. And that can be a daunting notion. Continue reading “Open Book”