Eat the Damn Brownie

I want to share this awesome article I read at called Eating: A Manifesto that author and blogger Clare Mysko shared on Facebook today, which could be best summed up by this paragraph in the piece:

“Could we stop feeling ‘guilty’ for wanting an effing brownie? Or a plate of fries? Could we stop actively seeking permission from our friends to go ahead and ‘be bad’ and order the cheesecake? Could we all just go ahead and order whatever it is that we feel like eating, instead of saying, ‘Oh, I feel like a pig, you guys are just getting salads’?” Continue reading “Eat the Damn Brownie”

Buyer’s Remorse

It shames me to say it because I know there are much bigger problems in the world today, but I have a problem of my own: buyer’s remorse.

[If we were on Twitter, my opener would read something obnoxious like: “It shames me to say it, but I have a big problem: buyer’s remorse. #firstworldproblems].


But here’s the thing …  I love to shop … the thrill of finding a “good deal,” trying things on [how does this bag look draped over my shoulder, how soft is the fabric, does the skirt hit right below my knee (I hate anything above the knee on me), does this shoe make me taller than Luis? (if it does, it goes back on the rack – don’t judge; it’s a pet-peeve of mine to be taller!)] … Shopping is my guilty pleasure and, silly as it sounds, it makes me happy. Continue reading “Buyer’s Remorse”

Vacation … May I have another, sir?!

Ahhh … Jamaica

“Ya mon!!”

“No problem!”

Music to my ears.

Since last August, my mom, brother, sister and I have been planning a family trip for my dad’s 60th birthday. He knew he and my mom were going to Jamaica, but had no idea that all of us — plus Luis and Maya! — would be coming, too! It was SO hard to keep things a secret but fortunately my dad isn’t on email and we just had to keep things quiet during visits home and on phone calls and Skype. Continue reading “Vacation … May I have another, sir?!”

“Little Baby is Watching”

Tonight started out innocently enough.

Maya was in her high-chair, happily eating bite-sized pieces of cucumber and a few chopped up pieces of mac-n-cheese for dinner. We eat after she goes to bed, but I was hungry too. So I opened the fridge to find a healthy snack … and, found myself with the can of Reddi-Wip.

[Insert Jaws soundtrack here] Continue reading ““Little Baby is Watching””

On Satiety

It’s truly fascinating watching an infant eat. Babies know when they’re hungry … but more importantly, they know when they’re full. This makes me even more convinced that satiety is, indeed, an innate concept … yet something many of us lose over time.

If Maya is hungry, she’ll cry, start noshing on her hands, squirm …  and if she has had enough, she’ll purse her lips or put her hands in front of her face or, if she’s nursing, fall asleep at the breast or pull away from me for a break.

Some days she’s hungrier than others … and while she always eats, some days I worry she isn’t getting enough … and then other days she eats more and/or has more than her usual eight feedings. Continue reading “On Satiety”

Five Truths I’ve Learned Through Pregnancy to Carry Me Into Motherhood

1) I do not need to exercise every single day to stay physically fit. Any amount of activity is better than none, and cutting my workouts in half did not change much about my physique … nor did it make me gain an obscene amount of weight. I literally gained what my doctor recommended and nothing more.

Why this matters: As a new mom, especially one who has a C-section, I will be unable to exercise for 6-8 weeks … and even if I can find the time to do it afterward (and I’m hoping I can) it will not be without its challenges. Continue reading “Five Truths I’ve Learned Through Pregnancy to Carry Me Into Motherhood”

What a Wonderful Weekend!

This weekend I went home to N.J. for my baby shower, thrown by my amazing mom and sister.

It was fantastic to see my family and friends, and my mom and sister  put on quite a beautiful event for me — I felt so loved and adored, and let me tell you — so did Baby Girl! 🙂 She was moving lots this weekend. 🙂

It was also nice to really be showing now. I’m 30 weeks, 2 days now, so things are moving along — it’s wild to think that in 10-12 weeks, I’ll be a mommy! Continue reading “What a Wonderful Weekend!”