Facing Fears

When I was a kid, the taller, faster and loopier the roller coaster, the more I wanted to ride it.

I loved the thrill and exhilaration of riding a roller coaster, but it was more than that. You see, I have always had this weird sense of wanting to prove to myself I could do something that scared me. I know, it’s weird. No one else cared whether I dominated the Sidewider at Hershey Park or the Great American Scream Machine at Great Adventure. It was just for myself, a notch on my own belt, so to speak. And sometimes I’d have to ride solo because no one else had that lust for an adrenaline rush as I did.

Whatever the case, I loved the high I got from such rides.

What I didn’t like was something equally as exhilarating, for example, as skiing–where I would be in charge of my own risk. Continue reading “Facing Fears”


“No Gym for You!”

I love my husband to death, but he got me sick and we’re leaving for Korea in FOUR DAYS!

Sure, he’s feeling better (the boy literally keeps Tropicana and Florida’s Natural in business)but now I’m sick. –> NOT HAPPY.

I started feeling the sniffles toward the end of the weekend and tried to ignore it.

Then yesterday my head started pounding, my glands were swollen and my throat started hurting when I swallowed.

By last night at the gym, I was really struggling and feeling it in my chest, too … and I knew I needed to see a doctor and get some drugs. Continue reading ““No Gym for You!””