Facing Fears

When I was a kid, the taller, faster and loopier the roller coaster, the more I wanted to ride it.

I loved the thrill and exhilaration of riding a roller coaster, but it was more than that. You see, I have always had this weird sense of wanting to prove to myself I could do something that scared me. I know, it’s weird. No one else cared whether I dominated the Sidewider at Hershey Park or the Great American Scream Machine at Great Adventure. It was just for myself, a notch on my own belt, so to speak. And sometimes I’d have to ride solo because no one else had that lust for an adrenaline rush as I did.

Whatever the case, I loved the high I got from such rides.

What I didn’t like was something equally as exhilarating, for example, as skiing–where I would be in charge of my own risk. Continue reading “Facing Fears”