Burger? Yes, please

For me, relaxing the rules means “living.” While most people in this country need more restrictions on their diet/fitness habits, for a small population of us, we need less restrictions/less rules in order to live more.

Which is why today I joined my two pregnant friends for lunch at Five Guys. Yup, you heard me … FIVE GUYS … home of mega-greasy burgers and mega-greasy bags o’ fries (and mega-awesome fountain drink selection — 100+ flavors!). These same two friends and I were all pregnant with our first kids at the same time back in 2010, but this time, I was the odd man out in that I had no cravings to answer to … I was just going along for the ride. 😉

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Observations on Fasting

This Yom Kippur, it was a lot harder to fast than in other years. Not the actual act of fasting–no food or water for 24 hours, sunset to sunset — but the mental aspect of it, being a mother.

Even after my Bat Mitzvah (November 14, 1992!) I still didn’t really fast. I’d maybe skip breakfast and call it a fast. In college, I’d fast with my fellow Jewish friends. We’d sleep in until services at 10, nap or watch movies between services and count down the hours til we could hit up the Uptown Deli to break our fast with traditional Jewish fare — matzo ball soup, pastrami sandwiches, knishes and blintzes. Continue reading “Observations on Fasting”

Live Your Life

This weekend was an amazing one. First, it was a phenomenal sunset cruise with Luis to celebrate his birthday — followed by a moonlit stroll while enjoying rich, salted caramel ice cream at Kilwin’s and chocolates. The next day was all about awesome shopping and meals in Chicago for a much-needed girls’ weekend with some of my closest work friends. (For any foodies out there — we hit up Atwood Cafe for lunch, RPM for dinner, and Toast for brunch).

When it came to food, I felt like the old me — the pre-disordered me. And it was AWESOME. I felt like I ate intuitively. I didn’t track my Points, I didn’t “keep score,” didn’t worry about anything really — I just focused on the company and the atmosphere and the deliciousness. I ate til I was satisfied and stopped when I felt full. I drank who knows how many glasses of Prosecco and a really big glass of Riesling. I felt pleasantly full but not at all stuffed. And I laughed so hard my stomach hurt, which was exactly what I needed.  Continue reading “Live Your Life”