Putting a Name to Face

This weekend I had the pleasure of enjoying a wonderful lunch with a super-sweet blog reader, Alison. It felt like I was catching up with an old friend and I had a blast — thanks, Alison, we totally need to do it again soon, on your side of the state 😉

Every time I meet a friend in real life who I got to know in cyberspace or the blogosphere, I’m struck by the (beautiful!) irony of the situation.

Given the sensitive and taboo nature of my blog, it started out as a very anonymous blog … and then in time I got more comfortable with the idea of putting my name/face out there as a voice in recovery. Being so open has worked in my favor. In addition to having the support of my loved ones, now, in the past two years, I was interviewed for Fitness magazine about my exercise addiction history; went to a blogger meet-and-greet; and spoken at the FitBloggin’ conference … all very public “outings.” Continue reading “Putting a Name to Face”


Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I am 31 years old! 30 was an incredible year … between going to visit my brother in Korea, seeing my name in ink in Fitness magazine, speaking at FitBloggin,getting Rocco, watching my husband become a citizen, and discovering I was pregnant …30 was amazing in so many ways.

That said, I’m looking forward to 31 with gusto! 🙂 Continue reading “Happy Birthday to Me!”

Seeing My Name in Print …

After the gym this morning — where I did a moderate hour-long cardio session; nothing insane … I ran to the grocery store to pick up eggs and a couple other things we needed at home.

I’d been eyeing the check-out counters for the past week, hoping to see the March 2010 issue of Fitness Magazine, knowing I was going to be featured in an article on the dangers of over-exercising.

Sure enough … there it was!!!

Beckoning me to buy it.

Truth be told, I couldn’t wait for my mail subscription to arrive … so I bought it on the spot, knowing I’d want an extra copy for posterity! 😉 Continue reading “Seeing My Name in Print …”

What’s Your Sweet Spot?

“The sweet spot = when your personal and professional worlds not only intersect, but exist symbiotically.”

I came up with this quote (and shared it as my Facebook status) last week because all of a sudden I saw my professional life and personal life coming together in the most incredible of ways, inter-meshing in ways I never thought possible, until now.

I can’t say much, but I will say this: my involvement in social media is really helping me at work, and my career choice (PR) is really helping me with my blogging “moonlighting” gig.

While I wouldn’t wish my disordered eating issues on anyone, the fact that I took to blogging to get through it all has presented me a wealth of opportunities I never would have had, had I not been blogging about said issues. Continue reading “What’s Your Sweet Spot?”


Last week I was contacted by a reporter at Fitness magazine who found my blog. She is doing a piece on over-exercising and asked if I’d be interested in doing an interview for an upcoming article.

My response? Heck yea! I have had a subscription to Fitness for years, and have always enjoyed the magazine.

Continue reading “Over-Exercising”

The World Has Curves

39930958Note: This post is cross-posted today at WeAretheRealDeal.com.

In its September issue, FITNESS magazine plugged a new book due out September 15 that looks like something I want to read.

A play off Thomas Friedman’s book on globalization (The World Is Flat, a personal fave) this book is called The World Has Curves: The Quest for the Perfect Body.

In her research, author Julia Savacool, articles director at FITNESS, interviewed 100 women in eight countries around the world to learn what defines “gorgeous.”

In a blurb that caught my eye in the September issue, South Africa, Jamaica and Japan are featured.

In South Africa, she discovered that a round figure is the sought-after shape; in a nation “ravaged by AIDS, thinness is associated with illness.”

In Jamaica, where “the social scene revolves around hip-centric dancing,” the sought-after shape seems to be a narrow waist and a wide bottom. Continue reading “The World Has Curves”

On Messaging …

magical-weave-mirror2Last week, I was shocked when I was contacted by someone working for the publisher of Fitness magazine (of which I have been a loyal reader for years now).

I was initially flabbergasted — and flattered — to see that I’d been “found” in the blogosphere by such a huge magazine.

But then I remembered I rank #1 and #2 in Google when you Google “disordered eater” … so perhaps it wasn’t so surprising that eventually something like this would happen.

Anyway, it turns out that the contact was looking for bloggers to share with their readers a new package –the workout, diet and exercise routines of 50 celebrities.

In return, the FitnessMagazine.com blog would link back to the bloggers who shared the links with their readers, driving traffic to those blogs.

Now, I read Fitness magazine and while I don’t necessarily “Drink the Kool-Aid,” so to speak, I do love the tips I find in this (and all of) my health and fitness magazines.

That said, there’s a time and place for everything … and so, despite being stoked about the notion of getting a plug from Fitness magazine, I began to question if my blog about disordered eating was the proper place. Continue reading “On Messaging …”

Fitness & Therapy

June 24, 1995, we got the call that my grandfather, ill in the hospital, had taken a turn for the worse and had suddenly passed away.

It was pouring rain that morning, and my first instinct — after grieving with my family — was to go for a run.

I was a sophomore in high school, all of 15. I didn’t understand it back then, but exercise was my “escape,” my “coping mechanism,” my “therapy.”

And that set the trend for the last nearly 15 years.

During tough times in high school or college, I would go for a run to clear my head. When my heart got broken, I ran. When a friend hurt me, I ran. It didn’t matter how long or how far or how fast: simply the act of moving my body calmed my fears, eased my pain, made me feel complete even if my world felt like it was crumbling. Continue reading “Fitness & Therapy”