Though I had initially hoped for a bit of a smaller age gap between Maya and Ben, in actuality, I couldn’t have asked for a better spacing between our two kids. Example one (of like fifteen): by the time Ben came along, Maya was just shy of three and daytime potty-trained — so we only had one in diapers (a huge cost-savings). And now I’m once again seeing how good this age gap is as one is learning to talk … and the other is learning to read. Both are tremendous and exciting milestones in their own right — and I’m loving bearing witness to both simultaneously. Further, I’m  loving watching Maya watch Ben learn. She is so encouraging towards him and it’s my hope she stays that way.

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Say “Cheese!”

Like her daddy, Maya LOVES cheese. As in, can’t get enough of it. All kinds. She’s a total cheese-head.

Luis was gone all week for work travel, so it was just me, Maya and Rocco holding down the fort. Tonight at dinner, I asked Maya where her cheese was. She pointed at it and then, for the first time, actually tried to say “cheese.” Multiple times. Continue reading “Say “Cheese!””