Little Girl, Big Anxiety

I had been all prepared to do a post today about a great article I read today about why many moms today are choosing to stay home, but sometimes life happens and it’s fare more poignant than dissecting what someone else has written about. (For the record, it was a great piece and something I’ve definitely thought about).

But back to today’s  post.

When I began blogging in 2008, I shared one of my earliest memories of true anxiety: nearly missing the bus when I was 7 years old and the trauma that ensued. To this day, I’m an anxious traveler and have to mentally calm myself before every trip — big or small.

Fortunately (or not, for him ;)) I married someone who is as easy-going as I am high-strung, so we (sometimes) balance each other out and keep each other in check with respect to travel. He’s learned to get to the airport a little earlier than he’d like to allay my fears, for example, and I’ve learned to be OK with not getting to the airport for a domestic flight three hours early “just in case.”

Among my biggest fears as a parent has been passing along my anxious ways to my children. I try not to think about it too much — so as not to somehow transpose it to them– but it crosses my mind a lot when I’m having an internal battle of some kind.

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tornadoes + fear

In Maya’s preschool class, the kids are learning about weather.

Apparently, one day was dedicated to tornadoes: discussion of the cause, safety precautions we take, etc. Critical as this is from an education-standpoint — we do live in the Midwest and tornado safety is ingrained in us all in the form of sirens/drills — that lesson planted the seed for my daughter’s first legit fear. Continue reading “tornadoes + fear”

Have a Little Faith …

Today was our 32-week ultrasound with the perinatology unit at the hospital.

It isn’t standard operating procedure necessarily to have an ultrasound at this point (usually the 18-20 week anatomy scan is the last) but this was a follow-up to the fetal echo and anatomy scan we had done at 21 weeks and it’s always exciting to see Maya on the screen! (Isn’t she cute?!)

She’s been wiggling and moving and hiccuping and kicking/punching me lots (keeping me up at night … good prep for mommy-hood, no?) and it was cool to see how she’s positioned —  head down, lying comfortably on her side with her spine on my left side, which explains why most of the movement I’ve been feeling is on my right side. She kept her face down throughout most of the scan (boo!), where the tech checked her measurements and organs and everything and it all looked normal and good and healthy — whew!

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