Sometimes You Read … And Weep.

Sometimes you read something that just resonates so well that you have to repost it verbatim for full effect. This post I found on Jezebel is one of those pieces.

“Getting Skinny is the Second Act of a Fat Girl’s Tragedy.” Even the title made me tear up.

I read it at work, and cried. I went home and thought about it, and cried.

While I was never very heavy nor did I ever get super-thin … I could certainly relate to so many of the things she was talking about. And I bet a lot of us women out there can … which is both sad, and also a thread that seems to (oddly) bond women together:  our sense of self and how so often others define us (or we  define ourselves) by our bodies. Our physical shells.

I will spare you my commentary; it’s not needed. But I hope you’ll read Holly’s article in full after the jump (I’m copying and pasting it directly for your convenience). Continue reading “Sometimes You Read … And Weep.”