I have to share this blog post my dear friend Staci wrote about our sweet Maya, titled Little Miss Sassafras.

Staci has captured our family in photos for the past 3+ years: maternity for Maya, newborn, 6-mth, 1-yr, 18-mth, 2-yr, maternity for Ben, newborn for Ben, and now 3-yr for Maya (not to mention our holiday cards). She knows us — with all our quirks — and truly has a way with her camera to show the best sides of each of us. And she’s one of my closest friends, which I think adds a special, intimate dimension to her work. (Love you, Stac!) Continue reading “sassafras”

Maternity Pics, Round 2

I hemmed and hawed at the notion of doing maternity pics again. Is it unkosher? Vain? Silly? And who wants to be photographed when they are at their heaviest point?

But in the end, decided I did want to have this period of my life — our life — documented.  If for no one else, for us. And for Baby H. Continue reading “Maternity Pics, Round 2”