Facing Fears

When I was a kid, the taller, faster and loopier the roller coaster, the more I wanted to ride it.

I loved the thrill and exhilaration of riding a roller coaster, but it was more than that. You see, I have always had this weird sense of wanting to prove to myself I could do something that scared me. I know, it’s weird. No one else cared whether I dominated the Sidewider at Hershey Park or the Great American Scream Machine at Great Adventure. It was just for myself, a notch on my own belt, so to speak. And sometimes I’d have to ride solo because no one else had that lust for an adrenaline rush as I did.

Whatever the case, I loved the high I got from such rides.

What I didn’t like was something equally as exhilarating, for example, as skiing–where I would be in charge of my own risk. Continue reading “Facing Fears”

Facing Fears Head-On

As a kid, I was a total thrill-seeker who LOVED roller-coasters.

The scarier the twists, the bigger the drop, the more loops — the better.

A serious dare-devil who loved the adrenaline rush, I longed for that sensation of my heart stopping as I screamed my way into euphoric bliss.

I probably drove my family crazy with my shrieks of, “Again!” “Again”! as they’d have to wait for me to get through the ridiculously long lines at amusement parks for the hottest new coaster at the time, but they never complained and so my childhood love of loops went. Continue reading “Facing Fears Head-On”

Facing Your Fears

Regardless of who you plan to vote for in November, no one can deny that we live in a scary world right now.

Gas and food prices are through the roof, age-old financial markets are crashing, the housing market sucks … and that’s just talking about the economy.

Add in the health care crisis, global warning, lack of true energy security, fear of terrorism, racism, sexism … it’s simply not “pretty times.”

And the icing on the cake: disordered eating issues! (and in-laws who have overstayed their welcome by, oh, about three weeks! I genuinely think I wouldn’t have been half as bothered had it been two weeks. Really!)

If you’re an anxious person like I am, you’ll understand why all these things help keep me up at night.

Sometimes it seems like worrying about our weight or food or workouts or waist size is monumental … and other times, it seems trivial in light of all the craptastic things going on in our world. Continue reading “Facing Your Fears”