Words + Expectations

I don’t really know why I expected Maya to be this super-chatty kid by now (15 months).

Maybe it’s because I’m super-chatty myself (and was as a baby).

Or maybe it’s because she’s been blowing raspberries to communicate and babbling since 4 months (and saying “dada” since 6 months) all of which, in my mind, meant she was clearly destined for an early talking future. (I can hear the Motormouth Gods laughing at me now in unison).

Or maybe it’s the fact that she’s been diligently following directions for the past several months, which I took to mean if she comprehends so much, surely she can start expressing it, too. In the words of my dearly-missed friend Jason … “Hmmm … not so much.”

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter why I thought she was going to be headed for the fast track of verbosity. The point is, I really expected her to be a chatty machine … and she’s not (yet).

Yet, being the operative word. Continue reading “Words + Expectations”