The “Entitlement Factor”

1663397450_1644c386fd1When I lost weight, my tummy shrank.

This might sound like a big fat “duh” response to weight loss … but my appetite for food didn’t necessarily shrink, too.

And it irked me, especially once I settled into a comfortable weight range, that I could be satisfied on less … especially when “less” was becoming smaller and smaller portions.

The truth is, I like to eat, and always have. I’m not an over-eater, but I’ve always enjoyed food — talking about it, thinking about it, and now as I’ve gotten older, reading or writing about it, too.

And if I go to the trouble of weighing and measuring my food like I do, I want to be able to eat it. All of it. I feel “entitled” to it. It’s “mine.”

This is why my plate is usually loaded first and foremost with fruits and veggies: I get the biggest bang for my buck with them. I can be part of the Clean Plate Club if I want to be, and not feel uncomfortable about my choices.

I want to finish it, I feel “entitled” to finish it. So I call it … the “Entitlement Factor”. Continue reading “The “Entitlement Factor””