Aside from Maya splitting her chin open, vacation wasn’t so bad.

As I hoped would happen, being in El Salvador and speaking Spanish with family and friends, the language came back. Not completely … but it’s like the words that had been collecting dust in my head were unearthed and though they didn’t flow easily off my tongue, I found myself able to converse with pretty much anyone — a little reminder that mama’s still got it! Continue reading “Vacation”

Mommy Guilt … A Vacation Saga

I had every intention of doing a sweet wrap-up of our vacation in El Salvador and sharing some of Maya’s latest and greatest adorableness (for my family reading; I doubt other readers care but this is my spot on the interwebs so what I write goes …) , but there’s no way I could do that without sharing first in this post the emergency that occurred on our trip. The rest of the detes will come later. Continue reading “Mommy Guilt … A Vacation Saga”

Random Musings and Merry Christmas Wishes

Me last Christmas break @ Thomas Sweets, my fave fro-yo place in D.C. Man I miss my city!

Merry Christmas, everyone — happy holidays!!

We are going to the Chicago ‘burbs to spend time with my hubby’s extended family.

Tonight I made my beloved Oreo balls (and aside from some chocolate chips, all I tasted was the corner of one — which I froze in a baggie to have later).

I hope they like them — they have two kids and I figure kids will eat anything with chocolate, right?!

I know I sound like a broken record here but instead of journaling tonight in my personal journal, I’m blogging Continue reading “Random Musings and Merry Christmas Wishes”

Biking Through the Years: Against Stress, Towards Freedom

I don’t know about you, but I had the pink Huffy with the banana seat and the white basket in front that every other little girl in my neighborhood seemed to have back in the early 80s.

(Yes, I looked for an image and sadly no, I couldn’t find one!)

It was my first bike, and once the training wheels came off, it carried me everywhere my parents would let it go… (which usually just meant a couple laps around the cul-de-sac til I was about 10!)

Back then, my bike meant temporary freedom and independence. Without a care in the world back then, I didn’t see it as a fitness tool, an adventure-provider, a stress reliever … And surely I didn’t view it as a practical mode of transportation like I do now.

It was, quite simply, a way to escape from my “annoying” little siblings. Continue reading “Biking Through the Years: Against Stress, Towards Freedom”

Let the Flooding Begin… “5 Lost Weeks”

I had therapy again last night and let me just say, I am so grateful to have started this process when I did, because I’m about to begin a super-challenging chapter of my life.

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law (who is 36 and sweet as can be but severely, severely mentally challenged) will be visiting/staying with us from El Salvador (where they live) for five weeks, starting August 15.

I won’t go into the specifics of why this is such a big deal…it’s not just cultural and language differences…and I am not here to bash them; I’m not a malicious person. She is a wonderful woman who has had many challenges in her life and raised an incredible son, my husband, and a wonderful, very special daughter–all single-handedly.

But, to be blunt, it’s a lot for me mentally and emotionally (as well as physically) having them here for that long for many, many reasons.

One of which is, I am a control freak, and I don’t deal well when I am thrown in situations that make me uncomfortable.

But really, let’s be honest here, five weeks is a long time to host anyone. Continue reading “Let the Flooding Begin… “5 Lost Weeks””