My Interview at Beautiful Without Consequence

Egg Beaten Angel, who blogs at Beautiful Without Consequence, recently contacted me about doing an interview on her recovery blog.

She is four months into her own recovery, and an inspiration to others fighting DE/ED/ED-NOS. I was flattered and honored to answer her questions; her blog’s motto is “I’m Still Fighting!” and I admire her strength.

You can read my interview and her and post-interview commentary here.

Thanks for the opportunity, Angel!!

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There Are No Words …
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Sometimes I really do think I live in a bubble.

Though I don’t fit the description, I didn’t know what ED-NOS is (eating disorder, not otherwise specified) until this past weekend.

And I had never heard of “pro-ana” or “pro-mia” sites until I met MamaV at Panera on Sunday at the Chicago blogger meet-and-greet.

But a quick Wikipedia search led me to a wealth of knowledge about this incredibly disturbing and sad trend among young women.

MamaV is on a mission “to educate parents, friends, and family on the rampant nature of the Pro-Anorexia community online.” She wrote this guest post last summer, called “Anorexia and and Internet Suicide.”

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