The Disordered Mind

A friend wrote this fantastic post that I wanted to share. I identified with it so much that I almost had to ask myself — Self, have you written a post that touches on this, too?

So I started looking and then promptly gave up. I’ve been blogging since June 2008 and have written more than 1,200 posts … too much to sift through and sleep was calling.

Anyway, in her post, Marci — a WW leader and WW success story — says, “I sent my son to Trader Joe’s for an item.  He bought exactly that item.  That’s it.  One item at Trader Joe’s.  Really?  I could NEVER go to Trader Joe’s and not even look around, get tempted with their goodies at every end-cap.  What a light bulb moment to know that some people truly will never have a food problem.  I envy them, but need to accept that, weight problem or not – I will always have a food problem.”

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Major Ink –> Mixed Emotions

A loooong time ago I mentioned that a student pursuing her master’s in journalism at Columbia was interviewing me during my pregnancy for her graduate thesis. Every two weeks or so during my pregnancy we’d touch base just to see where I was at mentally and physically, and it was a great way to put into words some of what I was feeling.

She recently told me that the story was going to be published somewhere big … but didn’t say where.

Well … today I got an email and whoa nelly, there it is! in the Health section: Pregorexia: When Pregnancy and Eating Disorders Mix.

Aside from the title, which I think is a bit misleading (and I know editors make those decisions, not the writers themselves — I wouldn’t describe myself as having battled pregorexia) … the article is totally accurate and true to form.

I did chew and spit and overexercise previously. I was afraid of getting fat during my pregnancy. I did emotionally eat during the testing. I never returned to chewing/spitting or overexercising as coping mechanisms; I put Maya first.

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First Lady Tackling Childhood Obesity

It’s no secret among those who know me in real life that I’m a liberal Democrat, or that I absolutely adore First Lady Michelle Obama as a career woman, mother, wife, and fitness role model.

She just strikes me as authentic, and authenticity has come to mean a lot to me over the past few years.

And I absolutely love her big cause right now, fighting childhood obesity, because it is an epidemic that has impacted — and will continue to impact – our country, if we don’t take collective action to mitigate it now. Continue reading “First Lady Tackling Childhood Obesity”

Help Eating Disorder Sufferers Get Well

This is a repost from, written by MamaV. I wanted to share her whole message here.

We are a community of eating disorder sufferers and survivors.

WeAreTheRealDeal is dedicated to helping eating disorder sufferers in an effort to provide treatment and education through the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA).

The economy is tight & budgets are strained, but your donation will go directly to helping those like you, & friends or family members who need to heal from their ED.

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In Proposed Campaign Against Eating Disorders, France Mulls “Health Warning” for Fashion Photos

healthwarningNote: This is a cross-post I did today at

According to a recent report, French politicians want to stamp a “health warning” on photographs of models that are altered (i.e., Photochopped) in order to make them more appealing. This is part of a campaign against eating disorders.

You can read the brief article verbatim after the jump.

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The Julie/Julia Project

julie_juliaCan I just say that watching Julie & Julia this weekend was like watching my wildest dreams unfold– only it was a dream I didn’t know I had until  I saw this movie.

If you’re not familiar with the movie, it’s the true tales of two women: Julia Child’s life in Paris before she was the famous chef, and Julie Powell, a young woman from Queens who, miserable with her job, decides to do something incredible and blogs her way through Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking — committing to make 524 recipes over 365 days.  

The movie hit home on so many levels, and I took a lot away from it.

First, I could totally relate to Julie Powell. We’re about the same age as she was when she began blogging. Like Julie, she started blogging about a passion of hers (food), not knowing –or caring — if anyone out there in the giant blogosphere would be listening.

Blogging becomes a very self-absorbed hobby/passion of Julie’s; I can certainly relate to that. There are several scenes where her husband is trying to be cutesy or romantic and she pushes him away in favor of working on her “art” — I can relate to that, too.

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