Drama in the Blogosphere

One of the first blogs I read was Eat, Live, Run, written by Jenna.

Right off the bat, I loved her easy style and her photos, and appreciate how she balances healthy living with moderate indulgences.

As a recovering disordered eater, I really loved how she seemed to have a very healthy relationship with food and would often check out her blog (as well as Kath Eats Real Food) to see how healthy, fit women eat.

After being away for the weekend (more on that later; it was wonderful!!!) I finally caught up with my Google Reader and I have to say, my heart broke for Jenna when I caught wind of the posts she did this weekend.

You see, toward the end of this post,  Jenna admits that (for several reasons) though she’d been planning to do a 100-mile endurance bike ride for charity (with the proceeds benefiting cancer research), she will be doing the 60-mile race instead. Basically, she’s doing the same race, just different distance –– all proceeds still going to charity. Continue reading “Drama in the Blogosphere”


My Interview at Beautiful Without Consequence

Egg Beaten Angel, who blogs at Beautiful Without Consequence, recently contacted me about doing an interview on her recovery blog.

She is four months into her own recovery, and an inspiration to others fighting DE/ED/ED-NOS. I was flattered and honored to answer her questions; her blog’s motto is “I’m Still Fighting!” and I admire her strength.

You can read my interview and her and post-interview commentary here.

Thanks for the opportunity, Angel!!

After the jump is a transcript of my interview (for my own records) Continue reading “My Interview at Beautiful Without Consequence”

Prayers for Jenna

The blog world is a small, intimate place. Even though we don’t always know one another personally, I read tons of blogs each day and feel like I know some of these women.

My heart stopped when I read Jenna’s post today at Eat, Live, Run.

As she writes, her 19-yr old brother died tragically last night of an accidental gunshot wound to the head, and I imagine her family is in complete shock.

Please say a prayer for her and her family as they navigate through their grief, and keep them in your thoughts.

Jumping on the Barney Butter Bandwagon

barneybutter-701788In my attempt to add more health fat to my diet, I’ve ordered what the blogosphere (ok, what foodie/fitness bloggers) raves about: Barney Butter.

Apparently this is like “the” nirvana of all nut butters. Heather at HeatherEatsAlmondButter is always talking about it. So are Jenna at EatRunLive and Lee at FortheLoveofPeanutButter.

If these girls swear by it, I figured it was worth a shot.

And Heather over at HangryPants just tried it out, and she even scored a deal for her readers! (free shipping if you use the code “HangryPants!”) Continue reading “Jumping on the Barney Butter Bandwagon”