Tubes Update

PHEW, Maya’s surgery is over.

It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t a walk in the park, either.

Maya slept til 7 — per usual — and as soon as I got her on the changing table, began signing for milk. I felt awful, but we couldn’t give her anything to eat or drink, so I distracted her with BOOKS and BLOCKS and SOCKS and who knows what else. She fell asleep on the short 10-minute ride to the outpatient surgery center, but woke when we got her carrier out of the car. Continue reading “Tubes Update”

Tubes Tomorrow …

Tomorrow our little peanut has surgery to put tubes in her ears.

This was not a decision we came to easily, but in the end, we think it’s the best decision for her. After ten ear infections in twelve months — and a good 18 months ahead where she is going to be highly prone to ear infections — it was a no-brainer. Tubes surgery (aka myringotomy) is a super-common procedure and has the potential to eliminate her streak of ear infections — or, at the very least, reduce the frequency enormously. As chronic ear infections can lead to hearing loss and speech issues, it’s our hope that doing this while she is so young will only have positive results.Only time will tell.

That doesn’t mean as her mama I’m not petrified. Continue reading “Tubes Tomorrow …”

Happy Valentine’s Day

My little Valentine wants to say hello.

She was so ridiculously happy today and we felt awful bringing her to meet the surgeon who will be doing her tubes procedure sometime next month.

Yup, tubes. 10 ear infections in 13 months of life — including several during the summer — is what is driving this decision. Poor girl has been on one antibiotic or another most of her life. ;-/

Anyway, I took a half day from work, had lunch with a friend (hubby couldn’t leave work today at lunch since we had to go to the doctor in the afternoon) and then we met up at the hospital. Continue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day”