Serenity, Now

Serenity-poster-laThe past two days, since making my resolution to go back to strictly counting Points and ditching Sparkpeople, I’ve found it surprisingly easy to adhere to Dr. Beck’s “No Choice” mantra, something that often plagued me in the past.

Naturally, it got me thinking: Why is it so easy sometimes, and so damn difficult — seemingly impossible — at others?

The more I thought about it, the more convinced I became that, 100 percent, it has to do with mindset an being in a good frame of mind.

Taking ownership of my decisions and accepting and personal responsibility for my actions. Realizing that each action has an equal and opposite reaction. Understanding that I am in control and no one else can help me get back to my comfortable place but me.

The past two days, I’ve made healthy choices, good choices, wholesome choices … which leaves little room for “extras” since these filling foods … well, fill me!

And, crazy as it sounds, I’ve done this without depriving myself in the slightest. It freaked me out to see that in the past two days, I’ve eaten what I might have eaten in one day just a mere week ago. But it was a great wake-up call, one I needed to hear. Continue reading “Serenity, Now”

Awesome Interview with Dr. Judith Beck

Crabby McSlacker over at Cranky Fitness recently interviewed one of my heroes, Dr. Judith Beck, author of The Beck Diet Solution.

Her father, Dr. Aaron Beck, is the man behind cognitive behavioral therapy, and she applies the methods to weight loss in her book The Beck Diet Solution (which I’ve yapped about plenty here on my blog).

The phrases “Giving Credit” and “Flex Your Resistance Muscle/No Choice”that I’ve used here come from her lessons.

Because CBT is part of my own therapy journey, I’m especially interested in what Beck has to say, and will be purchasing her new book when it comes out.

Check out the awesome interview here.