Why I Think Having a Dog Will Be Good for Me

In case you missed my huge, mother-honkin’ photo, Rocco came into our lives this weekend.

(He already has a profile on Dogbook. Am I crazy?! :))

Seriously, we’re smitten by this pup and he’s just such a bundle of joy and a furball who makes us smile.

I didn’t realize just how much I missed having a dog around until we got him and now it feels like our little family is ‘complete’ (well, til we have kids — then it’ll feel more complete!)

Anyway, today’s post is dedicated to pets everywhere.

Aside from the obvious that animals bring such joy to a home and strengthen a couple’s bond, I think having a dog is not only going to be wonderful for me as an average person, but even moreso with respect to my blog and my disordered eating recovery journey.

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No Fooling …

I don't have a pic of the exact pups here, but found this one which looks similar!!

We *might* be getting a puppy!!

This isn’t an April Fool’s joke, but rather something that just came to light this week that I’m really excited about but we aren’t 100% sure so I hesitated to mention.

Well, today I feel like mentioning it — and if it doesn’t happen, well, you’ll hear about it! (as in, how I handle disappointment …!)

Apparently a co-worker of my husband’s has chocolate lab puppies up for adoption! Continue reading “No Fooling …”