Walking the fine line

When you’re someone who has publicly struggled with her weight and a disordered eating past, people close to you — and even those not-so-close — tend to scrutinize you when they think you might be, shall we say, “taking things too far.”

While I know in my heart of hearts the comments and concern are valid (hello,  experience does indeed point to a past problem) and well-intentioned (the comments are said by people who love me and care), the past is not always a predictor of the future. And I know in my heart of hearts that I am not ever going back there. Continue reading “Walking the fine line”

The Disordered Mind

A friend wrote this fantastic post that I wanted to share. I identified with it so much that I almost had to ask myself — Self, have you written a post that touches on this, too?

So I started looking and then promptly gave up. I’ve been blogging since June 2008 and have written more than 1,200 posts … too much to sift through and sleep was calling.

Anyway, in her post, Marci — a WW leader and WW success story — says, “I sent my son to Trader Joe’s for an item.  He bought exactly that item.  That’s it.  One item at Trader Joe’s.  Really?  I could NEVER go to Trader Joe’s and not even look around, get tempted with their goodies at every end-cap.  What a light bulb moment to know that some people truly will never have a food problem.  I envy them, but need to accept that, weight problem or not – I will always have a food problem.”

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Disordered Eating for Public Consumption

The past two days I’ve been battling strep and flu-like symptoms, so in between naps and eating chicken noodle soup and toast, I’ve been watching a lot of trash guilty pleasure TV.

And in just these two days, I noticed four — count ’em, FOUR — examples of disordered eating. What’s most interesting to me is in the two Sex and the City examples, I’d watched each episode dozens of times probably and not given two thoughts to the “disordered-ness” of each example … which makes me wonder why I never caught on to this til now … or maybe it was because of the timing — seeing four examples in a two-day window — that made it so abundantly clear that these were all examples of disordered eating.

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More beef with The Biggest Loser

While The Biggest Loser remains one of the most popular TV shows in America, I still hold to my belief that the show does more harm than good, as evidenced by the winner announced last night.

In case you missed it, Jezebel had a great recap. Contestant Rachel Frederickson lost a whopping 155 pounds — going from 260 to 105 pounds in just five months. Losing 60% of her body weight. IN FIVE MONTHS. If that doesn’t scream “unhealthy” to you, I don’t know what does. Continue reading “More beef with The Biggest Loser”

Not Down With The Biggest Loser

I’ve never been a Biggest Loser addict … I get the whole premise of the show and why so many of my friends dig it, but to me, it has always screamed of extreme dieting/restriction, disordered eating (and thinking) and over-exercising. Considering my history, it’s not surprising I’d feel this way. But I know I’m not alone; a lot of other critics have come out and said similar things.

Tonight I happened to flip the channel to NBC and the contestants had apparently gone home for a short time (maybe a weekend? I missed how long). Watching them sitting there with their families at restaurants agonizing over every single calorie and food choice reminded me of my ugly past … and also why I have a problem with the show.

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Saying “No” to Anderson …


Today, the most crazy thing happened: Anderson Cooper’s talent people found my blog and asked if I’d be interested in flying to NY to do a future segment on night-time eating disorders.

And I had to say no. Continue reading “Saying “No” to Anderson …”

Why I Won’t “Go Back There”

Disclaimer: I had been thinking about writing a post like this anyway, but after a couple close friends and family members who read my blog regularly mentioned genuine concern over me wanting to get “back on track” turning into a possible relapse into disordered eating/over-exercising, I decided to write it now. I completely get where they are coming from — it’s all said out of love and care — so I decided to post this today.

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