Disordered Behaviors in Disguise?

You’ve probably heard about the Marie Claire food blogger cluster#!@# making its way across the blogosphere. Since it was my birthday weekend and I was generally offline, I didn’t hear about it til Carla (MizFit) told me about what had happened. And my feelings are mixed.

Here’s the article, The Hunger Diaries.

The article itself is clearly very biased from the get-go. I’ve blogged in the past about how I wonder if sometimes food bloggers mask disordered behaviors, so I don’t entirely disagree that some behaviors of  healthy living bloggers could be viewed as disordered — especially if the anecdotes the writer shared are, indeed, true.

Let’s be real here: shrouding or destroying food IS disordered behavior, regardless of context. I call them like I see them; been there, done that … I know it when I see it.

And while I never really lumped any of those specific blogs into the category, I’ve wondered myself: is taking pictures of every morsel you eat (or 10 pics of the same bowl of food) “normal?” Is exercising the way some bloggers do normal … or excessive? I think there’s a fine line in the sand between obsessiveness and a job.

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