Ya Win Some, Ya Lose Some, Ya Still Keep Tryin’

PBCAs a Jersey girl, I can’t help but be obsessed with the Real Houswives of New Jersey.

In last week’s episode, Caroline (a.k.a. “Mama Bear”) said something that really resonated that Bethenny Frankel pointed out as well on her Bravo blog.

Caroline was working out with her trainer (um, in her personal gym at home that rivals most regular gyms!) and I’m paraphrasing here but she basically said, “Do I like it? No. Do I know it’s good for me? Yes. And that’s why I work out.”

She followed that up with her ‘money line’ that I just love (and speaks to how I’m feeling lately).

“I could be hit by a bus tomorrow, and I’d be wishing I ate that freaking piece of cheesecake before I saw that bus coming.”

I really understand what she means there. Life’s no fun without cheesecake! It’s about moderation. Continue reading “Ya Win Some, Ya Lose Some, Ya Still Keep Tryin’”

Private Bingeing Vs. Public Indulgence

Image credit: Myspicedlife.com
If I told one group of people that I shared, say, a huge brownie sundae while laughing with friends or my significant other …

And told another group of people I’d eaten a pan of brownies alone at night …

Who would you feel sorry for?

I’d bet my paycheck today that you’d feel sorry for the girl who ate the pan of brownies alone.

Why? Because she did it alone. Shamefully. Regrettably. Stuffing food into her mouth as though it would disappear if she didn’t swallow it all inthatverymoment. Knowing it wouldn’t help ease whatever emotion she was feeling at the time.

Because this wasn’t mindless eating, while watching a movie with her friends or her boyfriend. This was an all-out binge. Finishing off the whole pan … so no one would see. So no one would know.

Even though last night, I had a horrible binge experience, it apparently pales in comparison to what some of you brave gals have shared or I’ve read elsewhere.

And while those incidents perhaps makes my “binge” look like a walk in the park … it’s that very “out of control,” shameful, guilty sentiment that makes us feel so darn awful about ourselves the next morning. Continue reading “Private Bingeing Vs. Public Indulgence”