Robin Williams: An American Icon


There is so much suckage in the world today: Iraq. Gaza. Russia. Shootings of unarmed, innocent teenagers. Shootings, period. Plane crashes. Wildfires. Ebola. Racism. Sexism. Murder. The list goes on and on and on. (I feel like Billy Joel needs to write another verse or two of “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”)

I had every intention of posting to Facebook tonight two adorable little anecdotes  about my kids — until the news broke: “Robin Williams, Dead at 63.” Continue reading “Robin Williams: An American Icon”

Dealing With Disappointment

After every major event I’ve planned — be it for work (a press conference, a symposium, a meeting) … or for fun (a party, my wedding, a vacation), following the immediate high of said momentous occasion/event, there’s always that immediate feeling of OK … now what?!

I think that’s part of being one of those people who is always looking four steps ahead and struggles (as I’ve acknowledged here many times) with being content “in the moment” and not looking beyond it towards something else.

The holidays for me are another “event” — and though this year was different in that we weren’t with immediate family or travel anywhere, I still feel that unsettling sense of  “OK, now what?”

Couple this temporary lapse into a depression (which many people experience this time of year) with disappointment in myself (a result of my tighter-than-I’d-like-them-to-be jeans and WAY too many sweets) and you very well *could* have recipe for disaster.

But in spite of this, I actually don’t feel like I’m headed into disaster territory right now — and here’s why. Continue reading “Dealing With Disappointment”

Wise Words from Alanis

It’s certainly public knowledge that singer Alanis Morissette–who penned one of the greatest break-up anthems of our generation (i.e., “You Oughta Know”) — hasn’t always had an ideal relationship with her body.

But in a new article in People magazine, Alanis says something so simple–yet so profound–that I just had to share it here:

I struggled with eating disorders, especially in my teens, but I’ve noticed when I treat my body like an instrument instead of an ornament, my relationship with food completely changes.” Continue reading “Wise Words from Alanis”

If it’s Raining … Just. Let. It. Rain.

August '99, a pic I took of a rainbow over Iguazu Falls (Argentina)
August '99, a pic I took of a rainbow over Iguazu Falls (Argentina)
My brother is two years younger than me, yet sometimes he amazes me with his ability to make me see things in a different way.

Tuesday I was feeling particularly down, and he shared this quote with me:

“The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.”

Again, such an obvious nugget of wisdom, but its significance coarsed through me all day. It’s not easy for me to “let go” of anything. Like many women, I struggle with this in many facets of my life.

And sometimes when we’re feeling blue, we just want to “snap out of it.”

We’re encouraged by society to move on, to “get over it” (whatever “it” is).

But here’s my question to you today: If we don’t let ourselves feel whatever it is we’re feeling, aren’t we denying ourselves the capacity to heal? Continue reading “If it’s Raining … Just. Let. It. Rain.”