Why I’m Going for the Repeat C-Section

C-sections get a bum rap.

Contrary to what you might have seen in a film like The Business of Being Born, though nearly a third of births end up being cesareans, not all cesareans are done because a patient thinks it would be “easier” or because a doctor wants to schedule it so he/she can go on vacation.

Sure, those cases do exist–and I’ve learned not to judge a woman for her choice of birth, period … but let’s be honest. There’s nothing “easy” about major abdominal surgery — and, frankly, it’s more expensive than a vaginal birth … so it isn’t about saving pennies, either. Continue reading “Why I’m Going for the Repeat C-Section”


December 18!

I had my OB appointment this morning and everything checked out good: good uterus measurements, good strong heart beat, good weight gain.

My doctor agreed with perinatology’s recommendation for a scheduled C-section; he said this is a unique situation, what with her size and the nuchal cord … and I know he wouldn’t recommend this procedure unless he stood firmly behind it (I’ve said before, he’s very pro-natural birth so for him to be recommending the C-section means it isn’t without justification).

This isn’t a matter of convenience for the doctor or for the mother, as you hear about all too often today … and I think I need to stop feeling hung up on that. In my case, it’s a medical recommendation. As my husband keeps reminding me: this delivery method is safer/less-risky for her health and well-being. While he doesn’t exactly love the idea of surgery (i.e., me being cut open) either, he recognizes the need and I’m coming to terms with it, myself. Continue reading “December 18!”

And Drama Ensues …

Today just rounded out one cluster of a week. My regular bi-weekly OB appointment went well — Maya’s heart beat was strong and steady at 140 (120-160 is normal) and my uterus grew another 3 cm to 33 cm.

When he pressed to find my pubic bone to measure my uterus height, he noticed the bones there are starting to separate a smidge (a good sign, though it sounds horrific!). They also tested the iron in my blood (which was excellent) and weighed me. I’m up 19 lbs total for my pregnancy and he was VERY pleased with that. His concerns that I wasn’t gaining enough have been allayed; I think she just must have hit a growth spurt or something before that uncomfortable visit.

Anyway, what was disconcerting (in addition to the fact that I’ll need to do non stress tests twice a week from here on out) is that, depending on what progress the 36-week ultrasound shows, I might have to induced early (like 39 weeks) or have a C-section because of the risks associated with the nuchal cord situation. Continue reading “And Drama Ensues …”