watching you grow

Now that Maya is older, the daycare webcam takes on a whole new meaning. When she was small, I loved to peek at her engaging with her teachers and parallel playing with her little friends because I missed her and just wanted to “see” her. Now, I still miss her, but when I look, it’s more to get a real glimpse into her life — far beyond the daily report sheet I get. Continue reading “watching you grow”


“THEN I Go To School?”

When Maya first began daycare at three months of age, I loathed the idea. I knew realistically I had to go back to work for a variety of reasons, but I hated the thought of anyone other than me or Luis caring for our child. And though I loved my job, I hated the thought of returning to the demands and structure of the workforce. But above all, I hated the idea of being away from my sweet baby all day.

I knew it would be hard, but I had no idea just how hard it would be. Those early days back at work were hell, made only worse by the rigorous and stress-inducing pumping schedule I had coupled with normal postpartum emotions. Those first few weeks I wondered every day if I was making a mistake and the only thing that kept me going was knowing I could get a real-time view of her daily life through the webcam at school.

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Maya’s Second Home

I can’t sing the praises of Maya’s daycare enough. I’ve said many times how much I love the environment, the teachers, the webcam, her daily report cards, what she is learning, the socializing, the growth and development, the menus, the endless list of babysitters … I literally don’t have a single complaint about her school. Continue reading “Maya’s Second Home”

First Pony(tail)

Maya was bald for the longest time.

Even looking back at her 1-year photo shoot pics from January, she still had practically no hair.

Around February or so, it started to come in — thickening, but growing down into a little rat’s tail of sorts. But I didn’t want to bring her in for a haircut yet — I wanted it to grow out vs. just down first.

And I couldn’t wait to get her soft blond hair into pigtails and ponytails! Continue reading “First Pony(tail)”

She’s Growing Up … *Tear*

She’s growing up SO  fast!                                                            

In our house, Luis does drop-off and I do pick-up; it’s what has worked for us since I went back to work when Maya was three months old. And as recently as a month or two ago, the rare mom-does-daycare drop-off resulted in tears, all-out clinginess and shrill shrieks for mama. It took all I had not to cry myself when this happened. I knew a minute after I left she’d be fine, but still … tough stuff.

Yet it was always worth it because I knew at pick-up time, she’d come RACING into my arms thrilled to see me, or rush over crying and burrow herself into my shoulders — a position I’m fairly certain I could never get sick of. Continue reading “She’s Growing Up … *Tear*”

Pediatrician Says … Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease!!!

Well, at least Maya’s fever wasn’t for nothing …

In addition to the fever — which we’ve been trying to keep at bay — she was tired and barely wanted to eat. Last night we noticed some red splotches and bumps on her skin. Being up to date on all her vaccinations, I couldn’t even begin to fathom what this was. So first thing this morning, I called the pediatrician’s office to set up an appointment. I had talked to my best friend on the phone and was explaining the symptoms and she said it sounded like hand, foot and mouth disease. I was like, “What?!” Continue reading “Pediatrician Says … Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease!!!”

Benefits of Babyschool

Today marks one year to the date I returned to work following my 12-week maternity leave. My, how time flies …

Whenever I have second thoughts about sending Maya to babyschool (which is often, as I miss my peanut enormously …), I think of all the creative things they are doing with her that I just wouldn’t even think of doing. It pains to me say it, but for as much as I’m a writer, I’m otherwise not a very creative person. And her teachers — all early childhood education college or grad students (or former teachers, etc.) are serving as amazing examples for me. Continue reading “Benefits of Babyschool”

The Other Women

I go in for the goodbye kiss; she looks away into the distance at someone who will spend all day doting on her, watching her every move.

I nuzzle her cheek to mine; she nuzzles her cheek to the neck of someone else.

I spin, tears about to prick my eyes, dejected and rejected. I try to convince myself it’s not me; it’s her.

But as I drive away, pain sears through my chest anyway.

Hours later, I bound through the door — easily the best part of my day (next to waking her up). I lift her up out for a squeeze … and her eyes pan the room for the other woman.

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Have a Little Faith

Motherhood is nothing short of amazing. Every day, literally, Maya is doing something new.

The fact that we’re born with zero capabilities needing every single need met by another and, in time, learn and grow … it’s just baffling. A complete mind-!#@!#.

The first big milestone was smiling at six weeks … cooing … lifting her neck from a laying down position … tracking (i.e., deliberately following with her eyes) …but she was still pretty much just lounging a lot.

Well, she’s been a woman on the move ever since!

Kicking and waving her arms like crazy, pushing off on her legs when we stand her up (she’s totally going to be a soccer player/ballerina ;)) smiling huge grins, turning to our voices, recognizing my husband and I when we come and go, “talking” to us (and we talk back), deliberately sucking her fingers (and putting her fist in her mouth, as in this pic), batting at her toys, starting to touch things, putting her infamous giraffe pacifier (and blankets, her shirt, etc.) into her mouth (i.e., learning cause and effect)… it’s seriously mind-blowing. Continue reading “Have a Little Faith”