“Takes Criticism Well”

In high school I was a Varsity cheerleader (more on that here).

Each year we got our nicknames printed on our pep-rally T-shirts and added the acronym “TCW” to the sleeve.

Since we’d never divulge what it meant, everyone at school knew was an inside joke for our squad and ideas began to fly about what it meant.

Our classmates assumed it was something sordid and racy … but in actuality, it was anything but. Continue reading ““Takes Criticism Well””


Jessica Simpson Dishes on Body Image

Photo: Glamour.com
Photo: Glamour.com

I loved Jessica Simpson when she first stepped onto the scene; she was different than the other bubble-gum pop singers and the pipes she had just blew me away.

I loved her show Newlyweds, and some of her songs define my college experience with my girlfriends (“I Think I’m in Love,” for example, was our song, played at all our weddings in honor of the great guys we all ended up finding senior year of college).

And despite coming off at times like a ditzy chic, she has a strong business sense and has really done well with her shoes/clothing lines, even if her acting abilities haven’t been the best.

Over the years, she’s one of those celebrities we’ve seen torn to shreds for her weight “ups and downs.” Criticized left and right. Brandished one week; fawned over the next.

The pressures of celebrity are great; there’s no denying that. One could argue she did it to herself, by being so accessible … but she’s always struck me as someone very real. Continue reading “Jessica Simpson Dishes on Body Image”