Nesting is a very real phenomenon. Of course, before becoming a mom myself, I thought nesting was just an excuse to decorate a nursery. But in actuality, I learned it’s a legit thing, and it’s quite therapeutic.

And now — at nearly 33 weeks — I’m finally in the nesting stage … and there’s no turning around! Continue reading “Nesting”


Big Girl Bed, Night One

As a follow-up up to yesterday’s post … I didn’t have time to get a noodle last night and forgot about creating a barrier using receiving blankets. Still, she slept just fine in her new bed … until 4 AM, that is, when I heard her crying “Mommy, mommy, mommy!”

We had put every free blanket and pillow in our house surrounding her bed so I wasn’t worried she was hurt if she’d fallen … Continue reading “Big Girl Bed, Night One”

Things That Go Bump In the Night

Sadly, I’m not talking about monsters or ghosts … I’m talking about my daughter’s beautiful head … when she somehow climbed out of her crib at bed-time last night and smacked her little noggin on the hard-wood floor covering her room (of course, not in the spot where a large rug is covering the floor …)

The thump was so loud, Luis and I both raced to her room, terrified. Continue reading “Things That Go Bump In the Night”