Step One

When you fail to plan, plan to fail.

It’s time for me to go back to WW 101. I’ve been on WW Online since April 13, 2004, but lord knows I could use a refresher.

What I did then that worked so well was to simply plan my meals. This doesn’t mean I was  obsessive and wed to the plans (things happen, surprise lunches, etc), but they did help me form my day. Continue reading “Step One”


Melissa’s Strength Training Program

hpim18552You might recall that about a month ago I met with my trainer, Cristi, for the first time.

We went through one sample “day” each time we met, but because of my trip to Mexico and then being out sick for a week, it literally took us five sessions to get through everything.

Now I’ve completed a little over a week on my own, and I thought I’d share what my regimen looks like.

She isn’t hell-bent on cardio the way I am, but though I’m not stating it explicitly with each session, you can assume I’m doing 45-60 minutes cardio six days a week, in addition to this lifting schedule (with random biking and walking thrown in when the weather cooperates).

Knowing my goals (to slim down again and get toned) she designed my lifting program to be heavily cardio-centric. In fact, I wear my heart rate monitor the whole time and because I’m doing super-sets with limited time to rest, my heart rate really gets up there even while lifting Continue reading “Melissa’s Strength Training Program”

Upcoming: Weight Watchers Unveiling New Program Sunday

From what I’m hearing through the grapevine (as I’m an online-only member) on December 7, Weight Watchers will unveil its (much-hyped but unknown-as-of-now) new program.

Each December, the company tweaks its current programs, and then every two years or so, the brains behind the program come up with an entirely new plan, often disbanding an existing plan in favor of a new one.

Some people stick to what they love and have had success with; others embrace the new plan with gusto.

Let’s be honest … after Thanksgiving and before Christmas/New Year’s, many people are desperate to try anything.

In no way do I know what this new plan will be. But I have to admit, I’m excited to see what it has to offer. I like to see how the program has evolved since I began WW in 2004. Continue reading “Upcoming: Weight Watchers Unveiling New Program Sunday”

Bidding Adieu to Sparkpeople and Spreadsheets…

For the past year I’ve flip-flopped between Weight Watchers’ Flex and Core programs. I have had love affairs with each of them at different times, and they have both been proven to work.

On both programs, there are 8 Good Health Guidelines everyone is expected to meet (2 dairy servings, 2 tsp. healthy oil, exercise, water, fruit/veggies, whole grains, lean protein, vitamin, etc.) .

But whereas on Flex, Points are counted for everything you eat, on Core, you only count Points for foods that aren’t on the Core list and eat to satisfaction–no more weighing or measuring every morsel (except for non-Core foods).

This means when I’ve been on Core, I didn’t need to count Points anymore for things like apples, oatmeal, skim milk, corn, chicken, lean beef, etc. (Core foods tend to be wholesome and unprocessed, save for FF/SF Jello pudding and a few other anomolies).

Since I love those things and eat pretty cleanly anyway, Core is clearly the better plan for me. Instead of planning my day around a measly 20 Points on Flex, I found I ate healthier and better on Core. I was less obsessed about food, didn’t stress about or “fear” when my next meal would be. I was making progess. Continue reading “Bidding Adieu to Sparkpeople and Spreadsheets…”