You Can Call Me Copernicus

sun-earth-coverFor years now, my dad — a genuine family man who would do anything for any of us — has affectionately been calling me “Copernicus.”

This has two meanings; one is sweet, and one gives me pause.

First, Copernicus believed the sun revolves around the earth and so as Daddy’s Little Girl, he tells me I’m his sunshine … and his world revolves around me (and of course my siblings and my mom).

Even at 29, I think he still sees me as the four-year old in pig-tails; the two-year old (ok, 5, 10, 12-yr old) dancing on his feet to Sting’s “They Dance Alone.”

But also, he teases me I’m “Copernicus” because, as a Type-A first-born, I seem to think the world revolves around me — or at the very least, should. Continue reading “You Can Call Me Copernicus”